Ruff Cutt Music
Ruff Cutt Music

Over the years the Ruff cutt Brand has been one of the leading reggae establishment in the UK The Label has seen the brand rise to prominence in Europe, and all over the world, playing Live with all of the top recording artists from Jamaica and within the UK. Tony Phillips, Carlton `Bubbler` Ogilvie along with Kenton `Fish` Brown were the main players along with an impressive array of musicians, this North West London set up with the real Jamaican sound recording in the UK in their own recording studio.

The Ruff Cutt Organisation has progressed to be one of the reggae mainstays in Europe, their unique sound is revered all over the world. Renowned for their impeccable quality production of sound and artistry with Rhythms - hand picked and carefully, individually crafted to suit each artist.

Here are recordings with some of the finest reggae international and UK artists recorded at the Ruff Cutt Studio coupled with the Ruff Cutt sound.

Ruff Cutt has had several Number One hits in the UK and is behind many of the UK hits recorded in the UK by many of the top producers.

Ruff Cutt gives pleasure in working with all of their artists, combining their talents and their many years of experience creating reggae music for all music lovers. A must for your collection - a rich mixture of the past, present and future.

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